Rabbit Anaesthesia Conference

An indepth day covering a variety of subjects to make rabbit anaesthesia easier, safer and more enjoyable for everyone! Watch this space - we are planning our next event at the moment!

Rabbits have one of the highest published anaesthetic death rates of any companion animal species.  Rabbit anaesthesia is one of our most requested topics.  We're planning another rabbit anaesthesia in depth day with some of the best speakers from the UK and Europe.

We are developing a new range of teaching aids to give you practical training and simulate emergencies to increase your heart rate (and the patient's).   We will be teaching with our normal mix of lectures, practical training and case based problem solving.  Group sizes will be kept down to allow more contact with your teachers (although there's space to lurk at the back if you're not feeling brave!). You will receive full lecture notes after the event.

Amongst other things we will be covering:

  • Understanding rabbits to get them in the best possible health for anaesthesia.
  • Hospital care before and after anaesthesia.
  • Manual and electronic anaesthesia monitoring - how to use and interpret monitors to help your patients.
  • Blood pressure monitoring in rabbits
  • How to apply high quality companion animal anaesthesia and analgesia to rabbits.
  • Drug combinations for different situations including a section on Alfaxan - which will soon be the licenced drug for rabbit anaesthesia.
  • Practical anaesthetic techniques: v-gel placement, safe endotracheal intubation, intravenous cannulation, blood pressure measurement
  • Case studies to discuss protocols for vet and nurse teams for different case presentations

To register your interest, please contact us.

  • Veterinary surgeons / Clinical Staff / Veterinary Nurses
  • TBA
  • hrs
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