Rabbit Dental Course

Dental disease is one of the most common problems that you will encounter in general practice. We will work through the causes and prevention of dental disease, plus medical and surgical options for managing and treating this condition.

No idea what to do with the rabbit with the jaw abscess that simply won't get better?

Dental disease is related to a vast number of medical presentations in rabbit practice.  Sticky eyes, abscesses, sticky backsides, weight loss, recurrent ileus, sneezing - the list goes on...

Many cases of dental disease can be readily diagnosed and properly treated in practice once you understand the underlying processes and have the confidence to recommend appropriate treatments.  We will be talking through the causes of dental disease, dental anatomy, the conventional treatment of spurs (crown disease) and the disease and treatment associated with root (reserve crown) disease.  Reserve crown disease makes up the majority of early general practice presentations and can be readily treated if caught sufficiently quickly.

Since so many of these cases end up getting infected, we will be talking about medical and surgical management of rabbit mandibular, maxillary and retrobulbar abscesses and the anaesthetic and analgesia options available to you.

We will be running this course later in 2019, contact us for more information.

  • Veterinary surgeons / Veterinary Nurses
  • 6 hrs
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