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LagoLearn are proud to be sponsored by Supreme Petfoods. We believe that preventative healthcare is the most important subject that we teach and Supreme Petfoods are one of the few companies that take this seriously.


Low fibre, high sugar diets have been proven to cause or contribute to the majority of disease that we see in pet rabbits today. Supreme have acknowledged this and are promoting a range of hays and supplementary foods that come close to the natural diet of a wild rabbit.

Supreme are helping us to promote high quality veterinary care and advice for rabbits and we are very pleased to be working with them.

Over twenty years ago, Supreme launched the first specialist pet food for small furries. Ever since, they have continuously added to their range of specialist pet foods.  They care about issues such as sustainability and the environment and do everything they can to minimise their impact on the world around us and the creatures that live in it – including humans!

Examples of the positive steps taken include; buying locally where possible, using energy efficiently, reducing the CO2 emissions caused by transportation, using as much recycled material for packaging as possible and supporting local charities that promote education and support the wellbeing of both people and animals.

Key Products

All of these feeds are to be used as supplements to a balanced hay and grass based diet.

  • Science Selective
    This range of rabbit food is an extruded pellet (this process retains more of the beneficial nutrients compared to just a compressed pellet) and has 25% crude fibre – which is currently the highest crude fibre rabbit pellet available. It also comes in 3 life stage options to ensure the balance of vitamins and minerals are correct for the rabbit’s age and does not contain any added sugar.
  • Fibafirst
    This is not a pellet food – it is a monoforage feed that has the texture of hay and is a brand new concept in rabbit nutrition. The unique long chain fibre structure means it contains 30% crude fibre, together with all the balanced vitamins and minerals to give a more natural, healthy diet and no added sugars.

  • VetCare Plus
    This monoforage food range has no added sugars, contains crude fibre levels between 28% and 34% and each one is specifically designed to tackle a specific health problem; Weight Management, Digestive Health and Urinary Tract Health. These diets were designed to give vets another tool to help treat some of the most common problems seen in practice.
  • Recovery and Recovery Plus
    Both of these products are suitable for syringe feeding sick and recuperating herbivores. The powders are mixed with water and come with a unique, wide bore syringe to make feeding easier. The Recovery Plus has added vitamin C which is useful in times of stress, has a higer fibre content and added probiotics and selected herbs.

Please visit their website for more information.

Supreme Petfoods