Ivan has revolutionized our approach to rabbit medicine and anaesthesia with his excellent advice and patient approach. Our nursing team all feel much more confident when monitoring anaesthetics and the vets all feel they have more options available than previously when treating rabbits, both on and off a budget.

I attended a CPD evening run by Ivan on Capnography. It was extremely informative and helpful; Ivan has a way of explaining things that make them easy to understand. He also has a way of reassuring you and highlights what you are doing right and what could be improved upon.

After the CPD I found myself having more confidence when using the Capnograph and being able to understand why the readings might be changing and what I can do to get the patient back within safe parameters. Ivan is very encouraging and patient and I enjoyed both the lecture and practical side of the CPD, having both kept me involved and helped me to learn new knowledge and refresh the old.

Rabbit husbandry - the answer to (almost) everything -  Western Vet Conference Las Vegas 2016

The best session I attended. Very good information

Very informative talk and good presenter.

I would like to thank Ivan for conducting such an informative, nurse friendly Capnography CPD.  He spoke very well and the group had a great time during the practical demonstrations.  The handouts Ivan provided of the lecture were set out clearly and I have used it since as a suitable quick reference guide.

Western Vet Conference Las Vegas 2016 - From six weeks before to two weeks after - how to achieve safer rabbit anaesthesia:

Really enjoyed the video demonstration of intubation with otoscope!  Thank you

Great presentation. Great ideas.

Jo is an exceptional communicator and can convey practical techniques clearly through her presentations, as well as translating complex scientific and medical concepts into terms that owners can understand.  Her wealth of experience along with her passion for the subject make her fascinating to listen to and a great source of advice and knowledge.

Jo was a fantastic lecturer at AZEVN 2016, the social media savvy lecture was clear, concise and made me really think about what goes out on social media (especially when posting as a professional body).

Jo has a great presence and her warm personality shone through her presentation giving some great tips from a font of knowledge (AZEVN May 2016)

Very accomodating people, great venue, easy to understand lectures, amazing that we can have all the lecture notes to download.  It will definitely benefit my rabbit practice.  Fantastic food, thank you (Rabbit Roundup Berkshire, 2016)

I really enjoyed the day, would say it's great value for money.  I felt I knew a lot about rabbits before I went but learnt so so much on the day.  Have already recommended to a fellow nurse. (Rabbit Roundup Berkshire, 2016)

This was a brilliant CPD course, very well presented and very informative (Rabbit Roundup 2016)